Respect is one of the Military’s core values.
It’s one of ours, too.

No matter where you served, we want you to continue serving your country behind the wheel at Transport America. The mission should sound familiar: time-sensitive cargo, tight deadlines, unpredictable conditions. Here, every driver is given the respect they deserve and the autonomy they need to get the job done right. With top pay and more home time, Transport America is where veterans find a home on home soil.

“I feel like I’ve faced many challenges in my life and each one strengthens me and helps me reach my potential. I want to be the best truck driver on the road.“
- Lacresha Tyson OTR Driver and Former U.S. Army Soldier Who Served in Iraq
A Big Opportunity Awaits.
Join the Military Apprenticeship Program Today.

The Apprenticeship Program turns natural born leaders into the safest, most dependable drivers on the road today. With the best hands-on training, generous compensation and the ability to take full advantage of the GI Bill for additional pay our military apprenticeship program assists you in your transition to becoming a Transport America driver.

Proud Veteran Drivers
Bart Langendorfer
Transport America Driver
U.S. Army Veteran
Dean Patterson
Former Transport America Driver and Fleet Leader
U.S. Army Ranger Veteran
Ben Owen
Driver Expert/Military Specialist
U.S. Army Veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan
“In the military, trust and loyalty is a given, but that’s not always the case in the corporate world. Thankfully this is the case at Transport America and that is how I know I’ve found a home.”
- Jim Howell Fleet Leader and Former U.S. Air Force Serviceman Who Served in Iraq
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