Transport America Brings More Change to Trucking; Increases Pay Per Mile

So the question that the leaders of Transport America have been asking themselves is:

What really matters to truck drivers?

It’s a question that Bonnie Audie, who oversees the company’s recruitment efforts, understands all too well.

Each day, Bonnie’s team of recruitment professionals’ talk, text and email with dozens of drivers who contact Transport America because they’re ready to make a change.

Based on Bonnie’s 25 years of experience with current drivers and driver candidates, she believes that America’s truck drivers are expecting more from their trucking companies. What exactly? She says they want:

  • Respectful engagement;
  • Safety as a top priority;
  • Flexibility with home time;
  • More miles; and
  • More pay.

“We take these requirements very seriously,” says Bonnie. “We’re listening closely so we can create the type of trucking company where our drivers will be happy and successful.”

To that end, Transport America is upgrading its pay program to demonstrate its commitment to its current and prospective drivers.

“Along with our reputation for respecting drivers and driver safety,” Bonnie says, “we want to be recognized as a company that puts their drivers first and is committed to changing trucking through improved pay programs, safety and better technology. To me, it’s all part of respecting the professionalism of our drivers, whom I consider the best drivers on the road.”

According to Bonnie, the pay raises will take effect as follows:

Immediate, Across-the-Board Increase for Company Drivers: As of Jan. 28, 2018, all solo, team and regional OTR drivers will see an immediate increase of 2 cents per mile, regardless of years of experience. On the top end, solo drivers can earn up to 54 cents per mile.

Increase in Student Pay: Transport America is also raising the rate of Military and Non-Military student pay. This goes in effect on Jan. 28, 2018, too.

“In addition, I want to stress to all drivers who are applying to Transport America – unlike some other carriers, we do not dock your pay to recover the tuition reimbursement,” says Bonnie.

In fact, Transport America pays drivers to participate in orientation based on a daily rate. Plus, new drivers also receive financial incentives after they complete orientation to help transition into their new position before their first paycheck arrives.

Referral Program – Transport America’s referral program is a great opportunity for drivers to earn additional income while increasing our family of professional drivers, adds Bonnie. Because Transport America’s recruitment team employs former drivers who bring a deep understanding to what matters to drivers, Transport America is able to attract and hire more drivers than the industry average.

“Some of our drivers have added an additional $30,000 or more per year to their income through our referral program,” Bonnie says.

“We’ve always been committed to paying our drivers well,” Bonnie adds, “But we realized that we need to do more. Respect for our drivers means respect for them as people who are trying to build solid financial lives. The less our drivers think about money, the more they’re focused on driving safely. So that’s why we’re bringing more to the table – for our current drivers and future drivers to help us continue to be the Trucking Company That’s Changing Trucking!”