A Day in the Life of a Transport America Fleet Leader

Recently we were able to sit down with one of our own fleet leaders, Andre Soissons, and learn what it’s like to walk a day in his shoes on the Transport America operations floor. Andre started at Transport America as a Customer Service Assistant, scheduling transport-america-fleet-leaderappointments, and quickly worked his way into the Customer Service Manager role where he was responsible for day-to-day business on numerous customer accounts. After showing tremendous success in this role, Andre was promoted to his current position as Fleet Leader. From speaking with Andre, we learned exactly why he loves his job and why he plans to stick around for a long time.

Throughout each day, Andre spends a great deal of his time staying in contact with his fleet. While a majority of that communication is spent informing his drivers about a current trip, MPG, Idle, and other scorecard metrics, he always finds time to connect with his drivers on a deeper level.

“Each driver is unique and I learn something new from them every day. I enjoy hearing about the great things going on in their personal lives.”

To be a successful fleet leader, you need to have compassion for the drivers you’re managing and it’s clear that Andre goes above and beyond to support his team. When we asked Andre what he enjoys most about his job, without hesitation he said its building relationships with the drivers. “I strive to always be here for my drivers in good times and bad. That is something I take great pride in, as does Transport America as a whole.” Andre puts the driver first and ensures they are taken care of appropriately for both miles on the road and time at home.

While forming relationships with the fleet may be Andre’s favorite part of his day, we learned that he is dedicated in all aspects of the fleet leader role. As a part of his early morning routine, Andre checks his email before work so that he is mentally prepared for any critical issues that came in the night before. This allows him to be focused and prioritize his time accordingly. According to Andre, critical issues can range from a delay on a high priority load, to following up with a driver who may have had a mechanical issue. Andre is efficient and escalates the issues through the appropriate channels to get the driver back on the road as soon as possible. Once he has taken care of the critical issues, Andre turns his attention to tracking the progress of his trips in transit. “It will show me which drivers are running ahead or behind schedule which is critical when trying to maximize the driver’s miles while also servicing the customer.” Andre said he uses this information to ensure pickups or deliveries take place within the hours of service parameters so he can always keep his fleet moving and minimize their downtime.

With various loads and drivers constantly on the move, no two days are the same – just how Andre prefers it. If you are looking for a fast paced environment that involves managing a large fleet and fostering meaningful relationships, than look no further than the fleet leader role at Transport America. To close off his interview, Andre stated “The Company provides a culture that believes in mutual respect and cares deeply for people. What better reason than to stay?” We are proud to have team members like Andre representing Transport America. If you’re considering joining the Transport America team, please give us a call! We would love to find you a position that you can be passionate about.