Frustrated North Carolina Truck Driver Finds Home with Transport America

Demetric Marshall is climbing the ladder of the trucking industry and has found success and a home with Transport America.

It all started at a truck stop in Columbus, Ohio, at the Pilot Travel Center near the intersection of I-70 and I-270 when a Transport America driver came up to Demetric while he was filling up his truck.

“Hi there. How are you doing? I mean, how are you reallydoing…”

After graduating from high school and completing two years of college, Demetric rethought his career options and path to success.

“Going to college is the traditional thing to do after high school, and a lot of families expect their kids to go to college,” Demetric says. “But I found out that it wasn’t the best fit for me. My parents encouraged me to go to college, but they never pressured me. They always told me it was more important to find work that makes you happy.”

“I wanted more hands-on experience,” he adds. “So I decided to do some technical training, and get a job.”

Demetric started working for a distribution company, where he loaded trucks for four years.

“I was always around other drivers, and I started to talk to them about their jobs,” Demetric recalls. “Eventually I realized that I’d like to be the captain of my own ship one day, instead of just loading them.”

“So, I quit my job and got my CDL from the Premier Truck Driving School in Fletcher, North Carolina,” he says. “And I’ve been driving ever since.”

Demetric, age 30, started driving as a solo OTR driver in 2016. While he was happy to be traveling the country in a growing industry, and earning a higher income for his family, Demetric quickly became frustrated with the trucking company he had signed on with.

“The company would keep very close tabs on us, and they would leave me waiting at truck stops for two or three days,” Demetric explains. “Anyone knows that you can’t make any money in this industry if you can’t keep the wheels moving.”

“So one day, about six months into becoming a driver, I was filling up my truck at the Pilot truck stop in Columbus when a driver from Transport America came up to me and said hello,” Demetric says. “He could see the frustration on my face.”

Demetric was so stressed that he and his wife were praying for something better every day.

The Transport America driver asked Demetric if he had ever considered switching companies. When Demetric said that he had thought about it, the driver gave him the contact information for a Transport America recruiter.

“I spoke with the recruiter on a Thursday, and I drove 12 hours to Indianapolis from North Carolina for training the very next week. Transport America paid for my miles, my food, my own hotel room, everything,” Demetric says. “It was a life-changing decision. I’m so glad that that Transport America driver approached me!”

“My wife could tell how happy I was after I switched,” he adds. “So happy that she dropped everything, including her job at a local call center, to drive with me as a team.”

Demetric and his wife, Shadequah Marshall drove together as a team for six months before enrolling in Transport America’s Lease-To-Own program to become owner-operators.

“We wanted to move up in the trucking industry, and we want to help other drivers move up,” Demetric says.

“With this program, we’re living our dream of becoming our own bosses, and working with a trucking company that actually cares,” he adds.

The Transport America Lease-To-Own program is designed to empower drivers and help them become owner-operators. The program offers:

  • $1.03 per mile on ALL miles
  • Fuel surcharge paid on ALL miles
  • Industry-leading discounts on fuel, DEF, tires and repairs
  • No money down options
  • Affordable payments
  • New or well-maintained equipment
  • World-class driver support services
  • Company maintenance facilities
  • Maintenance savings account available
  • No forced dispatch

“Transport America is like my second family,” he explains. “There’s an entire team supporting you, and they call you by your name instead of a number. They even called Shadequah to wish her a happy birthday.”

Another aspect that makes Demetric proud to drive for Transport America is its support for people of color, women and veterans.

“There are challenges in this country for black men like myself,” he explains. “But behind the wheel of a truck, I feel completely free. It’s because of Transport America that we could move into a nicer neighborhood and send our children to better schools.”

As the first truck driver in his family, Demetric hopes to continue making his family proud and grow his business for future generations of drivers – including his nieces and nephews.

“My family and friends can’t believe that we own our own company, an LLC., as owner-operators of a truck,” Demetric says. “But I’m not stopping there. I want to keep moving up, act as a role model for my kids and help others succeed like my wife and I have.”

“Whenever Shadequah and I go to a truck stop, I look for frustrated drivers, and I tell them about Transport America and everything they’ve done for us,” he adds. “There’s a lot of negativity within the truck driving community, and I want to tell other drivers about how positive my experience with Transport America has been.” “I’ll talk for so long that Shadequah has to drag me away,”.

“I enjoy talking with other drivers about why Transport America is a great company to drive for. It’s a great place to be and I’m confident they’ll feel the same if they make the switch.”  Demetric finishes.

And that’s part of the reason Demetric has been successfully referring drivers and winning quarterly bonuses.