New Driver App Helps Transport America Stay Better Connected

Transport America Drive Phone App

The new Driver App from Transport America breaks the chain that used to keep drivers in their trucks and let’s them be anywhere to stay better connected with their fleet leader, customers and other drivers.

If you’re going to walk the talk about changing the trucking industry for the better, then you better bring your “A” game. And that’s exactly what the new Transport America Driver App does. It leap frogs other driver apps available through Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to give Transport America a distinct, game-changing advantage over other truck drivers on the road.

Transport America drivers, like the drivers for other companies, face the day-to-day problem of physically staying in their truck cabs in order to receive communications from their fleet leaders, such as instructions about their current or next load. Instead, they need a solution that reflects their daily reality – drivers need to stay in touch with their fleet leader when they’re in a truck stop, at a shipping dock, or working from their home office.

Now, with the new Transport America Driver App, conveniently available on their smart phone, they’re free to leave their trucks and securely share information with their fleet leader and view other critical information – while they’re enjoying a hot meal in a truck stop, or when they’re watching one of their kids play ball over the weekend.

With the new Transport America Driver App, Transport America drivers can access features such as:

  • View messages sent to the MCP200 in your truck
  • Get notifications for new messages or maintenance updates
  • View Freight Point details, including address, parking status, and directions
  • View trailer and relay partner locations
  • Create and send free-form, Lumper Request, and ETA/PTA updates
  • View settlement summary information, including net pay, early in the week
  • View current trip info & Support Center info
  • Receive alerts about upcoming compliance events (CDL exp., Medical, etc.)
  • Sign up a driver for a referral bonus
  • Use the TA inspection app, for less experienced drivers who could benefit from a guide around the truck

Transport America Driver App

“We talked to a lot of our drivers to design our new app,” says Tom Benusa, chief information officer for Transport America, “and we continue to test it with a group of hand-selected drivers who are continuously helping us to improve it.”

“Our intent is to respect the time of our drivers better,” Benusa adds. “Drivers hate waiting around. They hate being chained to their cab. They hate searching for a trailer. Our new app gives Transport America drivers more power over their time. They can now quickly find a trailer that they need to pick up at a large distribution center, and see where their relay partner is when handing off a trailer to the next driver.”

Chris Powers, a Transport America driver who lives in Kennesaw, Georgia, who joined the company two years ago, says the new Transport America Driver App is making his life a lot easier.

“It’s very cool. It is so easy to use. You don’t have to spend hours trying to figure it out,” says Powers. “Whether you’ve grown up with hand-held technology, like some of our younger drivers, or you’ve been in this business for a couple decades, getting the information you need, when you need it, from wherever, shows a great deal of respect for drivers.”

Scott Braam, a Transport America driver who lives in the Twin Cities, seconds Power’s comments.

“My favorite feature on the new app is its ‘relay truck mode,’” Braam says. “Prior to having this app, we would have to call dispatch and wait on hold. Now, there’s no more waiting. I’ve got all the information I need to keep moving.”

The new Transport America Driver App is just the beginning of a new wave of technology that is changing the trucking industry for the better. From real-time weather reports customized for a specific driver to the use of predictive technology, this is just the first step that Transport America is exploring to enhance the communication between its drivers, fleet leaders and their customers.

Pat Barnett, an over-the-road driver with more than 30 years experience who remembers sitting on pay phones to talk with dispatch, sums it up best: “There was nothing glamorous about doing it the hard way. I don’t care how many years you’ve been driving, if you’re not embracing new technology, you’re missing out. This new app has sure made my life a lot easier. I’m proud of our company. They’re the kind of tech-savvy trucking company I want to be with.”