Open Enrollment | Maximizing your Benefits

As we enter open enrollment season with some major change, we want to remind our truck drivers of the importance of participating in open enrollment. You need to know what you truck-driverscan do as an employee to maximize your coverage so that you’re making the most of your benefit choices.

What is Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment is the time for our truck drivers to elect medical, dental and vision coverage, as well as a Flexible Spending Account, and short-term and long-term disability coverage. Drivers can also elect company-paid and supplemental accidental death and dismemberment coverage. They can make their elections as tobacco-free users to incur savings on their medical insurance option. Open enrollment can be done online through the ADP employee self-service site or by phone through the benefits hotline.

As this year’s open enrollment gets underway, from now until Nov. 30, employees will note a significant change: Transport America has changed providers, from Blue Cross to HealthPartners, which uses the Cigna network. This means that employees will need to sign into the employee portal and make elections on every part of their benefits package. Open enrollment is an important time for several reasons:

  1. It gives employees the opportunity to elect and review coverage options. Because all benefits are selected à la carte, employees can customize their plans to suit their individual and family needs. For instance, someone who doesn’t need medical but needs dental or vision can choose to bypass medical coverage.
  2. It allows employees to verify dependent information and to correct, update or change it as needed.
  3. It gives employees a chance to review and update beneficiary information so that it’s also as current as possible.

Maximizing Benefits: Making the Most of your Benefits Package

So, how can our truck drivers make the most of their Transport America benefits package? Here are some things you may not know that could help you save money and use all the perks available to you as an employee.

  • Verify that you’re tobacco-free to save big on your annual premium. If you’re an employee who is either tobacco-free or currently participating in a smoking cessation program, you are eligible for a $598-a-year discount from your medical insurance. Please note that if your spouse is included in your policy, both you and your spouse must be tobacco-free to receive the discount.
  • Complete your Health Risk Assessment in 2015. Thanks to the provider change, requirements to complete the Health Risk Assessment have been changed. This assessment can save employees up to $19.50 a month on their coverage. This year, employees will be granted a grace period until the first quarter of 2015. During this grace period, all employees will save $19.50 a month on their coverage. After the first quarter of 2015, however, only those who’ve completed the Health Risk Assessment will be eligible for the discount.
  • Choose doctors that are in-network. There are often many savings associated with choosing doctors in a provider’s network. Be sure that your doctors and specialists are in your network for lower costs.
  • Visit the HealthPartners website to learn about additional benefits. The HealthPartners network offers a variety of perks that can help you make the most of your coverage. Visit the employee portal or to learn about things such as prescription drug coverage, online pharmacy access, discounts on wellness programs, products and services and much more.
  • Consider choosing FSA. While the Flexible Spending Account is an optional selection, it’s in your best interest to consider it. The benefit of FSAs is that you can set aside a specific amount of pre-tax dollars to help you pay for deductibles, co-pays and other medical costs, so you’re not caught off guard when a medical issue arises.
  • Use the Benefits Healthline. The Benefits Healthline has up-to-the-minute information on all benefit coverage and plans, as well as other valuable information. Representatives can help you with open enrollment and with any questions regarding coverage and other benefits. Call them at 866-708-7719. Their daily, extended hours are 8am-7pm CST to accommodate open enrollment.

To learn more about open enrollment, benefits coverage and more, visit Transport America’s page and click on “For Our Employees” to access the Employee Self Service through ADP. Also, find us on Facebook and Twitter to join the trucking conversation.