Quest for Quality Awards | Transport America Drivers Play Key Role in Quest for Quality Award

Transport America earns 3rd award in five years.

Lots of companies win awards.

But there aren’t many awards out there where a customer’s vote tells the world, or at least, the rest of your industry, that you’re doing more than okay; you’re the best at what you do, based on their actual, real-life experience in working with your company and its employees.

That’s what’s behind the Quest for Quality Award, which is announced each year by Logistics Management magazine, a trucking industry magazine whose readers primarily Quest For Qualityinclude corporate logistics managers and directors. In other words, the people that hire companies like Transport America to move their stuff around North America.

Each year, more than 4,600 logistics and supply chain professionals vote on the performance of trucking companies, big and small. The Quest for Quality Award goes back three decades and is regarded as the industry’s most important measure of customer satisfaction and performance excellence. So winning it, is a big deal.

Choosing top performers in categories such as motor carriers, intermodal services, airlines, ocean carriers, freight forwarders, third party logistics and ports, Logistics Management readers rate carriers on on-time performance, value, information technology, customer service, and equipment and operations.

“The reputation of our entire company, from our drivers to the president, is on the line in the award selection process,” says John Mooney, Transport America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Each vote for Transport America is a vote based on the valuable relationships we’ve built over time with our customers. The underlying foundation of those relationships is our performance. Our drivers have played a huge role in that process.”

According to Logistics Management, Transport America ranked number one in on-time performance, value, information technology, and customer service — out-scoring the competition and placing number one among dry freight carriers.

This award represents the third time within the past five years that Transport America has won a Quest for Quality award and it’s the second time that the company was named the “best in the dry freight category.”

“Our customers are telling us and the rest of the industry that Transport America is leading the pack in terms of performance, value and customer service,” says Mooney. “That’s something we’re very proud of, and it sets a new bar of excellence for us.”

For Transport America drivers the Quest for Quality Award is another indicator that Transport America is hiring and retaining exceptional drivers, and that the effort in developing a culture that promotes strong, open partnerships between Transport America drivers and their fleet leaders is working.

“A lot of factors have to come together to win the Quest of Quality Award,” Mooney adds. “It’s clear that when we put all the right pieces in place and we show up with our “A” game attitude, Transport America wins hands down.”