How TA Looks Out for Their Truck Drivers | Health and Wellness

truck-driver-healthAs a company, Transport America’s goal is to create a culture of health and wellness among ­truck drivers. It’s just one way TA looks out for their drivers. To accomplish this goal, TA holds events throughout the year to help drivers develop lasting healthy habits.

Nutrition Blitz

One such event was the Nutrition Blitz held in July. The blitz focused on the benefits of healthy eating, including disease prevention, risk reduction and improvement in overall health. Transport America understands that food options are limited for truck drivers, so a main focus of the July Nutrition Blitz was to help drivers understand some of the healthy alternatives to deep-fried truck stop food.

A truck driver’s schedule is busy, so the Nutrition Blitz was designed with grab-and-go content. Informative, interactive resources made it easy for participants – including drivers, office workers and shop employees – to navigate through the material easily. Available resources included nutrition education, diabetes education, healthy snacking ideas and mini cooking demonstrations.

Exercise Blitz: Introducing the Mini-Stepper

Transport America employees can look forward to another wellness blitz during Driver Appreciation Week. This Exercise Blitz will feature information about the role exercise plays in heart health, muscular strength and stress reduction.

During Driver Appreciation Week 2013, Transport America rolled out the FIT in-cab system, an affordable program that allows users to do upper body, lower body and cardio workouts from the comfort and safety of the cab.

For Driver Appreciation Week 2014, Transport America is proud to provide truck drivers with another exercise tool for health and fitness: the mini-stepper. This compact device is ideal for on-the-go employees. It allows drivers to do complete workouts inside a parked truck or at any location during a break or home time. The mini-stepper targets excess fat, increases cardiovascular endurance and improves the user’s metabolism.

The mini-stepper pilot program is already underway, with a select group of truck drivers testing the exercise device for six weeks leading up to Driver Appreciation Week. Transport America is confident that the mini-stepper will serve as an excellent resource for drivers looking to better their health and fitness.

TA employees are encouraged to participate in upcoming health and wellness events to help build the foundation for a healthier future. To learn more about how Transport America looks out for their truck drivers, please visit the TA website. Then, find us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube for more information.