Transport America Announces Truck Driver Pay Raise

payraiseTransport America is a company driven by its dedicated truck drivers. That’s why a company-wide pay raise went into effect September 1, 2014 for all current and new drivers! The increase impacts solo, team and regional drivers as well as owner-operators.

“Not only have we increased entry level pay, but we’ve also enhanced the earnings experienced drivers can achieve within our organization,” says company CEO Scott Arves. “The new pay structure keeps Transport America as a leader among industry pay and one of the first to increase pay among the larger fleets.”

In addition to the pay raise, Transport America has lifted the HazMat endorsement requirement for its Pay for Performance Plan, allowing more drivers to receive financial incentives for exceptional performance.

Some highlights of the truck driver pay raise include the following:

  • New truck driver recruits start as high as $0.40 per mile.
  • Drivers new to Transport America with at least four years of experience start at $0.43 per mile.
  • Owner-operators receive a $0.02 per mile increase.
  • The majority of team drivers receive a pay increase of $0.01 per mile per driver.
  • Solo drivers receive a $0.01 per mile pay increase.
  • Regional drivers enjoy a relaxed HazMat requirement in the Pay for Performance Plan, moving pay forward at an accelerated rate.

Transport America is dedicated to providing “The Great Driver Experience,” a promise that is not only reflected in the truck driver pay raise, but in other aspects of the company as well. For example, drivers have the chance to attend health and wellness events at company terminals every year, and drivers have the final say on truck safety. With this vision and exceptional company values, Transport America is propelling itself forward as one of the top carriers in the US.

If you’re looking for consistent home time, great pay and respect from everyone within the company, it’s time to join the Transport America team. For more information about the truck driver pay raise, please visit the ­Transport America website. Then, find us on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation.