Truck Driving Jobs with TA Equals Great Pay!

Truck-driving-jobsTransport America goes above and beyond to make its truck driving jobs appealing to the best drivers. In an effort to ensure its truckers are among the top paid drivers in the industry, Transport America has instituted a Pay for Performance program that provides a series of regular raises for drivers who meet certain criteria as they build seniority with the company. The program is just another incentive offered by one of the fastest-growing transportation companies to keep its drivers happy and on-board with Transport America.

The Pay for Performance program works like this: When drivers walk in the door at Transport America, they are offered a set rate of starting pay per mile based on their experience level. Once hired for truck driving jobs, they receive a pay raise every six months they are employed by Transport America. After that, they get annual raises paid per mile, which is particularly beneficial for OTR drivers, who can really rack up the miles week after week. All of these pay raises are contingent on the drivers meeting certain criteria To get regular raises, drivers must be accident free in their truck driving jobs, pass inspections, and refuel their trucks within the TA network. This is on top of their other pay incentives, including bonuses for hauling HazMat loads, meeting equipment operational goals, and for referring other drivers to the company.

Drivers don’t have to wait until the end of their six-month period to see how they’re doing, either. A driver’s scorecard is available right in the Qualcomm system so they can see their performance ratings associated with their truck driving jobs. They’ll know at a glance if they’re on track for the next raise. It’s a simple red/yellow/green scorecard, and as long as all of the criteria are being met, every line on the card will be green. A yellow or red block indicates that the drivers are missing the mark, and need to make corrections to get back to green before the next evaluation cycle rolls around.

Transport America isn’t one of the fastest-growing truckload carriers in the nation by accident. It’s earning a reputation among drivers as being one of the safest companies that offers truck-driving jobs. It highly values and respects the diversity, skill, and professionalism that its drivers bring to the team, and makes sure that drivers’ voices are heard up to the top ranks of the company. TA takes pride in coaching, mentoring, and developing employees in truck driving jobs to achieve their career goals, and trusts its people to make decisions that add value for both its customers and the company. Transport America makes it a top priority to attract and retain the best drivers in the trucking industry.

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