Trucking Jobs: Is Team Driving Right for You?

trucking-jobsIf you’ve considered one of the many trucking jobs that are available, you should look at all of the options before making a decision. More than deciding which company to drive for, you also need to decide which type of trucking job is best. Do you want to drive solo or as part of a team, and as a company driver or an owner-operator? Do you want to drive long haul, local, or is a dedicated run a better option?   Today, we’re focusing on the decision to drive as part of a team.

Ricky & Bonnie Hendrix – Spending Time Together

Ricky Hendrix is an experienced driver, with thirty years of experience in the industry. He started as a team driver, first with a family member and then with a friend, before going solo. Ricky and his wife, Bonnie, started driving as a team ten years ago; Bonnie had lost her office job when the company she worked for closed down, and it gave her the opportunity to look at her options. According to Bonnie, “At first we just started joking about my going on the road with Ricky, but then I got my CDL!” and they’ve been rolling down the road together ever since.

The Decision to Drive as a Team

When considering trucking jobs, Bonnie knew that team driving was the way to go. She loved the thought of spending more time with Ricky, but she also liked the idea of knowing she wouldn’t be out on the road alone.

Ricky spoke fondly about the time he was able to spend with their youngest daughter, while he was a solo driver. He didn’t realize at the time that it was a precursor to spending time on the road with his wife. When asked what went into the decision to team up with Bonnie, Ricky chuckled and replied, “the paychecks both go into the same account”—but he also knew they had been able to work though many things together as a married couple, so they could easily work through whatever came up on the job.

Finding the Work/Home Balance

Ricky and Bonnie are eager to spend time with the grandchild they’re expecting soon. They’re on a dedicated run, so they’re home two days a week, including every Sunday. But Ricky and Bonnie are also happy to have time together while they are working. They love being able to share meals and conversation while out on the road which they are able to do on their dedicated team run. They are hard-pressed to find a downside to team driving, but said the only problem was missing family activities that happen during the week … a problem that many working parents and grandparents face—and they were quick to acknowledge that their boss at Transport America believes in family time and works with them when she can.

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